Manchester City celebrate EPL champion at home after beat Chelsea

Man City celebrate EPL champion at home after beat Chelsea

MANCHESTER – Manchester City celebrated as the English Premier League season 2022/23 champion at Etihad Stadium on 21st May.

The Blue Moons held the ceremony in front of their fans after the EPL matchday 37, where they defeated Chelsea 1-0.

The Cities already confirmed to win the title last Saturday, after their only competitor, Arsenal lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest in the away game, making the gap between them as many as four points as one match left for the Gunners.

Chelsea players congratulated the new Premier League winner by lining up during the entrance of the home team.

Alvarez braces victory before ceremony

As they succeeded to retain the league title with two more competitions to go, including the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup final, Pep Guardiola sent most of his second choice players yesterday, but it didn’t stop them to beat the Blue Lions.

Julian Alvarez’s score in the twelfth minute became the only goal of the game, helping Man City to secure a victory at home stadium before the ceremony began.

The club’s best striker Erling Haaland and playmaker Kevin De Bruyne were substituted in the second half, but the guest team fought well to seal the second goal, beside, creating a few threatful attempts.

Two more matches for the Treble

The Blue Moons achieved the record of Premier League champions for three consecutive seasons, the second club in EPL history to do this after Manchester United.

This is also their fifth league title in the last six seasons. The only one they missed the trophy was in the season 2019/20 where Liverpool hailed their first ever EPL championship.

Now, Guardiola’s squad continue to aim for the Treble, by winning the Champions League and the FA Cup titles.

The Cities will meet Manchester United in the FA Cup final at Wembley on 3rd June, and face Inter Milan in the UCL final at Istanbul on 10th June.

If they manage to earn these two trophies, they will be the second English club in history to achieve the Treble, after Man United as well.

Man United almost secure top 4

Manchester United almost confirmed to finish this season as top four, after they beat Bournemouth in the away game last Saturday.

The only goal from Casemiro helped the Red Devils to hold fourth place with 69 points, the same as number three Newcastle but less goal difference.

Liverpool is three points behind them with one more game played.

The Reds drew 1-1 against Aston Villa at Anfield on the same day, giving them a tiny probability to end this season as top four.

2 from 3 clubs to be relegated

In the relegation zone, Leicester City, Leeds United and Everton will fight for the only one seat to stay in the English Premier League.

Leicester is in 19th place with 30 points and 36 games played, while Leeds and Everton in 18th and 17th with 31 points and 33 points with 37 games played.

Nottingham Forest managed to avoid relegation with 37 points.

The bottom team, Southampton, was confirmed to be dropped into the EFL Championship next season.