3 EPL Matches This Weekend Postponed

Delayed of EPL Matches

Delayed of EPL MatchesLONDON – The English Premier League officially announced that seven EPL matches will resume this weekend, on 17th and 18th September, as matchday 8.

However, the rest of three EPL games will be postponed to other dates, including the focused rivalry between Chelsea and Liverpool, Manchester United against Leeds United and Brighton versus Crystal Palace.

As the UK media reported, both the matches at home of Chelsea and Man United were postponed due to lack of police force to control the stadiums during the games. This is because the British government needs most of their enforcement resources to take care of the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who passed away last week.

Meanwhile, the match between Brighton and Palace had already been postponed before the death of the Queen, as they had to make way for the railway construction in the local area.

The official is yet to confirm the date to play the make-up games for those which were postponed, including ten matches which had stopped last weekend as matchday 7.


The Tight Schedule of English Premier League (EPL)

The previous news said that all games in matchday 8 which were arranged this weekend will be postponed, as the United Kingdom have to pay tribute for around two weeks, as the Queen passed away last Thursday.

However, the league matches shall go on, as the EPL fixtures are getting tight in this season, because they have to make way for the FIFA World Cup 2022 which will be held in Qatar from 21st November to 18th December.

The Premier League will be paused next weekend, to make way for the UEFA Nations League which involves several European national teams.

This is another challenge for those league clubs’ players, as they have to put themselves into another competition right after a few days, some are required to travel overseas.

The focused matches in next week’s UEFA Nations League include Poland against Netherlands, Croatia versus Denmark, France against Austria, Belgium facing Wales, Italy meeting England, Denmark against France and Netherlands versus Belgium.


Arsenal’s UEL Game Postponed Too

Besides the Premier League, the UEFA official has announced that the match of Europa League’s group stage between Arsenal and PSV Eindhoven, which was scheduled on this Thursday, will be postponed too.

However, another Europa League’s match involving the UK team, Manchester United against Sheriff Tiraspol in the away game, will be played as usual on Thursday.

The official had explained that the postponement of the Gunners’ game is the same reason as the EPL issue, which is the lack of police force in the Emirates Stadium.


All UEFA Champions League (UCL) Matches Go On

Despite the affected schedules of EPL and Europa League, all the fixtures of UEFA Champions League’s group stage remain unchanged, including this week.

The UCL games this week which involved the UK clubs are Liverpool against Ajax and Sporting versus Tottenham Hotspurs on Tuesday, Chelsea against Salzberg and Manchester City facing Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday.