UCL Round of 16 1st Leg: PSG Vs Bayern Featuring MNM

UEFA Champions League

PARIS – The UEFA Champions League season 2022/23 will start the round of 16 on 14th February, where 16 teams fight for the tickets into quarter finals.

The first leg will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday night for this and next week, with two matches every day.

The second leg is set on 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th March.

In the knockout stage, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich will show up first as the clash of giants, while AC Milan will meet Tottenham Hotspur same tonight.

PSG welcome Bayern to replay the final of the UCL season 2019/20. The German powerhouse won 1-0 on 23rd August 2020 at Lisbon with the only goal from Kingsley Coman.

Fate of The French Giant

Although the French rich club has reigned the Ligue 1 for the last decade, they have never won the European highest title, giving them quite a distance to be one of the greatest clubs in football history.

This year, with Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar in the squad, the current world best attacking trio might be able to bring PSG to go further in this quest of the UCL trophy they are desperate for.

However, Paris faces a serious issue before the significant battle, as Messi and Mbappe were injured recently, both were absent in the league match last week.

Without the Argentinian and the French superstar, Neymar found himself hard to bear the responsibility alone, ending up losing 1-3 to Monaco on Sunday.

However, the MNM trio have all been listed in the squad against Bayern, the first line-up is yet to be confirmed whether the best formation will be sent on at Parc des Princes tonight.

The Conflict in Team PSG

The conflict in team PSG has been rumoured again before the Champions League focused match, regarding the dispute between players.

During their game against Monaco, team goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma had a quarrel with their spectating supporters, being scolded by captain Marquinhos in the dressing room.

The hearsay regarding Messi’s departure is spreading again, as well as his best teammate Neymar.

The 35 years old football GOAT who led Argentina to hail the FIFA World Cup 2022, is no longer needed to pursue more titles, including the UCL champion which he won four times in Barcelona.

Therefore, the odds favour Bayern, which are expected to stay unbeaten in France, and get a victory in the second meeting at Munich.

Milan Vs Tottenham

Meanwhile, AC Milan are welcoming the visit of Tottenham at San Siro to beg for a good start in the round of 16 first bout.

The Italian giant who won seven European championships is playing in low condition this season, only standing in fifth place of the Serie A.

The Spurs aren’t getting better, they are also in fifth position of the English Premier League, humiliated 1-4 by Leicester City last week.

The London club’s head coach Antonio Conte might have a clue to deal with Milan, as the Italian had served Juventus and Inter Milan before.

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