EPL Battle: Who Is The Winter Champion?

The Winter Champion of EPL Battle

The Winter Champion of EPL BattleWho is the winter champion of the English Premier League?

After the EPL matchday 8, Arsenal had shown their ability to contend for the title this season, as they are now standing at first place with 18 points, one point ahead of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs.

The Gunners who had six won, and the only loss to Manchester United, surprised their fans and audiences with remarkable performance and stable condition.

The head coach Mikel Arteta led his young players to show their strength in both scoring and defending, key players such as Gabriel Jesus, Martin Odegaard, Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka are having great contributions to the team’s achievement.


Chasing of The Blue

However, Arsenal are having much stress and less of an advantage, as the City are chasing tightly behind, while could overtake top place any time after a match.

The defending champion which had five wins and two draws after matchday 8, as the matchday 7 was postponed due to Queen Elizabeth II passing away, are showing their huge power to hold the title for five times in six seasons.

Pep Guardiola led the team in great performance, while their top striker Erling Haaland is a horrible scoring machine among the European clubs now, as he had made eleven goals in EPL and three in the UEFA Champions League this season.


Challenge of The Spurs

Tottenham Hotspurs are showing their ability to fight for top three or even the title this season, as they are having a stable condition, while at the same point with Man City after matchday 8.

Antonio Conte could bring the club to a higher level with a solid performance, where his main players are getting on the track, including Harry Kane who contributed the most, as well as Korean striker Son Heung-Min, who ended his goalless trouble with an amazing hat-trick as a substitute player in the matchday 8 against Leicester City.


MU On The Track, Liverpool Struggling

The 13 times EPL champions, Manchester United showed a remarkable comeback after two consecutive losses at the beginning of season, with four wins in a row, to rise to fifth place with 12 points, and one match less than the top three teams.

The Red Devils had postponed the match against Leeds United as matchday 8, because of the lack of police force to control the stadium, as the enforcement resources were focused on the Queen’s funeral.

Meanwhile, Brighton & Hove Albion had shown their potential as a dark horse to grab a seat in the top 4, as they are now standing at fourth place with 13 points, one match less than the top three as well.

The runner-up last season, Liverpool are struggling this season, as they are only standing at eighth place with nine points, right behind Chelsea which is one point ahead of them.

The clash between The Reds and the Blue Lions in matchday 8 which had been postponed, will probably directly affect the position of both teams.


Long Break in Winter

The English Premier League and other European major leagues will rest for around two weeks after matchday 8, to make way for the UEFA Nations League group stage matches.

Moreover, those clubs leagues will take a long break for more than a month starting from the middle of November, as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be held from 21st November to 18th December, where most of the top players in every club will participate in it.

Therefore, the EPL will have a tight schedule in this season, as they have to complete 38 match days at the end of May next year.